Social Media Policy


RBA Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor (RBA) is committed to using social media in a responsible and professional manner. This policy sets out the company's expectations for staff use of social media, both on and off the job.


This policy applies to all staff of RBA, including permanent, temporary, contract, agency and freelance staff. It also applies to all visitors to the company's premises.


All staff are responsible for following this policy. Staff are also responsible for ensuring that their use of social media does not violate the company's code of conduct or any other applicable policies.

Use of Social Media

Staff are permitted to use social media for personal use, but they must do so in a responsible and professional manner. This means that staff must: Use social media in a way that is consistent with the company's values and reputation. Avoid making any discriminatory, offensive or defamatory statements on social media. Not use social media to disclose confidential or sensitive information. Not use social media to solicit or accept bribes or other improper payments. Not use social media to engage in any activities that could be considered a conflict of interest.


The company reserves the right to monitor staff use of social media. This monitoring may be conducted at any time and for any reason. Staff should be aware that their social media activity may be reviewed by the company.


Any staff member who violates this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


By following this policy, staff can help to ensure that RBA's use of social media is responsible and professional.

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